Hi, I am Abhay Pratap Singh. I find my name quite long so I prefer writing it as “Abhay PS”. I first started programming in the C language back in 1997, and since then my passion for programming has been increasing each day. Now I can write softwares in many programming languages like Python, Ruby, PHP, Javascript and Rust, but try to constrain myself to using Python only. In early days of my career, I was a full stack web developer for more than a decade and created web applications for a wide variety of clients. Later on, I worked as a System Engineer and Mongodb DBA with many successful startups. I love travelling, music, food, and learning new technologies. I believe, “a day spent without learning something new is a day wasted”.

I am sharing here what I learn in my daily professional life so that other people may also learn. In technology, sometimes I find it difficult to learn a new technology by reading the official documentation. Then I wish someone could just explain things in simple english. I thought why not I do that same, as there might be many people who might be wishing for the same.

I hope the information on this site will come handy for many.


Abhay PS